Please watch the Bee Movie, i swear, you experience a sense of emotional realization

Bee Movie is closest experience you will have to quality screenplay/cinematography. 


dear diary,

i finally got to 15 followers on tumblr. i’m trying really hard to not let the fame get to my head but it’s difficult. today some lady at the supermarket asked me if i wanted paper or plastic bags and i just f*****cking lost it i am too famous for her questions. i can’t believe i haven’t been asked to do a magazine cover yet. i feel like it is coming soon. 

I’m on vacation, so i’m sharing a bed room with another person and I don’t have the key. So the door is locked, they are sleeping, I am outside sniffing wood cleaner and eating chips


William Holden | April 17, 1918 — November 12, 1981

That charm was irreplaceable. When that smile came and broke your heart as well as enchanted you—incredible combination. — Sidney Lumet


"A few years ago, I stood on this stage with William Holden."

March 29, 1982 — While accepting an honorary Academy Award in recognition of her five decades on film, Barbara Stanwyck takes a moment to thank her close friend and costar William Holden, who had died four months prior. In 1939, Stanwyck—one of the most powerful performers in Hollywood—fought for Holden when Columbia chief Harry Cohn wanted the fledgling actor fired from the filming of Golden Boy, the movie that cemented Holden’s stardom and lent him his lifelong nickname.

once in a lifetime pic of myself

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Black Cat Auditions in Hollywood. Photographed by Ralph Crane, (1961)

Marilyn Monroe in Niagara (1953)

Fred is that you?